Pack Attack 6 (Oral Scene)


Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano , Kris Anderson and Spencer Fox

Marc Dylan starts off his gangbang blindfolded. He has no idea who the guys are as they file in one at a time to smack his ass and shove their crotches in his face. When he takes off his mask he’s happy to see four of his favorite big-dicked studs: Brian Bonds, Jimmy Durano, Spencer Fox, and Kris Anderson. Dylan works his way around the pack giving each cock a juicy welcome. He starts with Bonds, a young redhead with a rock hard cock. Next he moves over to Durano’s thick Latin meat, followed by all-American Spencer Fox and his 8-inch battering ram. Finally Dylan reveals Anderson’s mammoth cock, a whopping 9×6 mouthwatering prize. Dylan proves he’s the right man for the job, sometimes even taking two of the huge dicks in his mouth at once… a real cock-sucker’s dream!

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  1. Gngbngbottom617 says

    Hey Marc! Good to see your holes getting the workout they deserve / need. Love a hot boy that loves being an open hole for men to get off on, and proud to have it video taped for the world to enjoy right along with you! You sould contact Kink dot com to be in a bound in public gangbang.

  2. smallfry says

    Hey Marc! Thanks for the amazing site! Will you be making any New York City appearances anytime in the near future?